Trans Revolutionary freedom fighter, Fighting for the right to Party and seeking to highlight and destroy the infiltration of free Society by Troglodyte Bigotry and any other forms of Repression be them Political, Religious, or any other forms of endemic institutionalised discrimination against the Creative free spirited Souls of the Trans and rockers Community. 

We the People must bring down Tyranny and Oppression when ever it raises its ugly head, We must beat it down back from under the rock it crawled out from and then place a ring of plastic explosive round it., igniting it and send it off to Oblivion while chanting …Not so clever now Cave Face 

The Message is Clear NO Surrender NO Prisoners and NO to Buttered Scones or other light fancies as I’m on a Diet.

Ever since Edweena's first record release during The Birth of Punk Movement of the mid 70s theirs always been a touch of revolutionary slogans about her  work as with her first single Aint bin to no music school ..decrying the notion that one has to have been to royal collage of music to have a viable career in the music business.

Nonsense has she not carved out a fine career just as important as Sir Paul Mc Cartney's or the Butthole Surfers nay and twice nay her 1978 single KINNEL TOMMY on EMI International  records proved pivotal in trying to break down the barriers of free slang speech within the halls of the establishment not surprisingly the Record was Banned under the Oppression of Freedom act 1978 making it stands as a testament of righteous indignation against the Mary Whitehouse Brigade ah the shoe was on the other foot!!.. i thought she had a strange walk . next was link up with old school friend Mick Rossi of Slaughter and the Dogs under the snappy Slaughter Name with a couple of singles and album on DJM Records they were in good company with being Sir Elton John's early record label.

The Bands first single East Side of Town featuring the talents of Mott the Hoople's Morgan Fisher on Piano and Dale Griffen Producing affirming a strong Glam Rock links, the song itself was Springsteen type epic that's taken on somewhat of a Classic status over the years along with the  Album Bite Back and 2nd single I'm the One which Tickled the Bottom end of the Charts in 1980..81 saw edweena returned as a solo act releasing single  "Ive just had my car nicked" then a solo album the sound of the baskerville on Clay records released in 91

Following a ten year foray into the world of glam rock cabaret unfortunately  disaster stuck in late 1991 as Edweena struck down with  a brain hemorrhage just as an offer came in for break in a Tv Show on Channel 4 after a long recovery edweena eased back in to showbiz with a swing show before recovering to full fitness and returning to glam rock world with Showbands Diamond Dogs and The Pleasuredome releasing  a cover of Ian Hunters "Once Bitten Twice Shy" and gaining a Fabulous reputation for outrageous stage shows later came Edweenas Party Band and string of european dates and a couple of albums of original material Non League Staduim rock and Transister Pop before a return to Ed Banger and the Nosebleeds producing 4 albums "as seen on Tv"  "Kicking" Off " New york City" and "Legal High". which brings us up to date with rave reviews of the release of the  "Diamonds on Tenth Avenue" the story continues back into Glam Rock.... a Second album  is underway at Super Rons RKS Studios to be released in the coming months. look out for NEWS ON the BITE BACK Reunion coming soon.